88x31 board

net neighbours

chiyoNET Online - "after 24 years in development, we hope it has been worth the wait"

7770801.net - meta "meta" meta.

djbe916 - beskupehn espira.. check out their music

deelyneely - i apologise if you get stuck in the doors

internetbasedghosts - insane amount of content..

marzetu - amazing amazing artist!!

staropa - the milk company

transgender money - amazing amazing

y2kid - amazing amazing

troutinmyddr - trout in my WHAT?!?! nice website on one of the best rhythm games..


ezgif - edit and modify gifs quickly (i usually use this to convert videos to gifs)

catbox - file hosting service

imagemagick - tool for quickly editing images

bitfontmaker2 - create and download bitmap fonts

glitch_png - cli tool to manipulate .png files

tag index - all html tags and css properties

petmate - petscii image editor

sauceNAO - find image sources

grid layoutit - grid layout generator


refuge tokyo - game db, covering retro consoles and PCs

doujin style - a site with a lot of doujin games

vndb - visual novel database

the spriters resource - a site which hosts sprites from many video games

the models resource - ^ but models

the sounds resource - ^ but audio

the textures resource - ^ but textures

osabisi - f2u sfx to be used in games


the mod archive - site filled with modules (.xm, .mod, .it, etc)

unplugred - cool person with cool vsts!

freesound - lots and lots of sounds that are f2u

furnacetracker - multi-system tracker (mega drive, snes, zx spectrum, c64 etc)

musical artifacts - soundfont collection


death generator - fill dialogue boxes from video games with whatever you want

utf8art - ASCII art

rose.systems - very neat projects

internet archive - self explanatory

oldtwitter - created by dimden. makes twitter look the way it used to in 2015

infinitemac - macOS8 emulator

midijs - javascript midi player

dr soda - reviews of different dr.x drinks

bug guide - a guide to bugs

purrli - cat noise generator (amazing sleep aid)

catland - archive of louis wain's art

e-shuushuu - anime booru

lhohq - Laughing Horses Orifice Headquarters

hydra - live code visuals (extremely fun)