i'm not the most avid player of sl, but i think that it is quite neat! i like to hang out with friends in it and explore the craziest of places in it.

i really like creating different characters and avatars in sl, and the fact that everything in it is user-created makes it so much more cooler! you witness the weirdest of weird inside this game..

here i will be sharing all the adventures i have had in this game, and some places i recommend going to..

x== bug's tips and trix to sl ==x

♥ use a viewer like firestorm or alchemy,, they are a lot more nicer to smaller compys compared to the viewer provided on sl's site

♥ keep ur inventory sorted!! or else you will run into issues later on which stem from just not being organised..

do go through the tutorial you see when you first log in!! you will get a hang of the controls since they are pretty different to other 3d-space-world games..

♥ a place i recommend going to is conejo island.. i usually hang out around here and there are lots of nice and kind people here..

conejo island