give me my website already god damn it!

I'm a university student and the government wont give me enough money and nobody wants to hire me...

what can i do?

I can make: static websites, tumblr themes, themes, and dynamic websites.

I'm very good with HTML and CSS (as you can see), and JS. I know my way around SQL and a tad bit of PHP, and Flask is my framework of choice for dynamic deployment.

how do i pay?

Payments will be done through paypal! GBP please!

do you have any examples of your work?

Yes I do! Please check them out here!


cool! whats your process?

Well, this is my first time doing anything like this so please do be lenient with me. keep in mind i am also a full-time university student, so things may take longer than i say they will.

tumblr/ themes will take any time between a few days - 2 weeks. Payment will be after I have finished creating it.

For static and dynamic sites, the amount of time it will take depends on the complexity. As soon as the upfront payment goes through, I'll start working. A final quote will be provided when the site is finished, and I will send you the source. Any maintenance after this will also be charged by the hour, however at a cheaper rate. I am also open to creating templates at half the upfront cost.*

* This only applies to static sites

After submitting the form and telling me what you want, I will contact you to confirm things and we can discuss the site/theme and it's design further. I'll also send you weekly progress updates.

For all products, you will be recieving the source in a zip file.


what product do you want?